The North Face – Emilio Previtali (helmet airbrushed by Airbrushartstudio)

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Inspired by the mountains and powder that are in his soul, Emilio lives for the challenge of sport and for the challenge of using his sport to inspire others. He is a true endurance athlete – pushing the envelope in so many disciplines – from sport climbing to ironman triathlons, from snowboard freeride contests to ultra-distance cycle racing. Right now he’s mad for telemark skiing. From his earliest years he has sought to challenge himself.

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Beyond the world of competition Emilio has become world-renowned for his high altitude snowboard descents. His purity of style and approach to these adventures has gained him tremendous respect. Between his adventures, Emilio was founder and chief editor of FREERIDER magazine. Right now he’s the editor of the The North Face STORY.teller, the yearbook of the TNF athletes. This is the other side to Emilio’s explorations; pushing the limits and living his adventures Emilio believes in the importance of sharing, of telling his stories with images, words and ideas.



Living the dream; the plans, the hopes, the river of emotions and feelings, the execution of the adventure, his hope is to stimulate and to inspire those who listen, to encourage them to explore their own limits and to live more intensely. For Emilio, part of his life adventure is to share his explorations with his wife and children, while being true to his own calling in his challenges and expeditions. For Emilio, this is life; the emotion that you have when you achieve something you thought not to be possible, when you realise a dream.

Ispirato dalle montagne e la polvere che si trovano nella sua anima, Emilio vive per la sfida dello sport e per la sfida di utilizzare il suo sport di ispirare gli altri. E ‘un vero atleta endurance – spingendo la busta in tante discipline – da arrampicata sportiva a ironman triathlon, da concorsi di snowboard freeride a ultra-distanza di ciclismo. In questo momento lui è pazzo per lo sci telemark. Fin dai suoi primi anni ha cercato di sfidare se stesso.

Al di là del mondo delle competizioni Emilio è diventato famoso per le sue discese di snowboard ad alta quota. La sua purezza di stile e di approccio a queste avventure lo ha guadagnato grande rispetto. Tra le sue avventure, Emilio è stato fondatore e redattore capo della rivista FREERIDER. In questo momento lui è l’editore del The North Face STORY.teller, l’annuario degli atleti del TNF. Questo è l’altro lato per esplorazioni di Emilio, superare i limiti e vivere le sue avventure Emilio crede nell’importanza della condivisione, di raccontare le sue storie con immagini, parole e idee.

Vivere il sogno, i piani, le speranze, il fiume di emozioni e sentimenti, l’esecuzione di questa avventura, la sua speranza è quella di stimolare e ispirare chi ascolta, per incoraggiarli ad esplorare i propri limiti e di vivere più intensamente. Per Emilio, parte della sua avventura di vita è quello di condividere le sue esplorazioni con la moglie ei figli, pur essendo fedele alla propria vocazione nelle sue sfide e le spedizioni. Per Emilio, questa è la vita, l’emozione che si ha quando si ottenere qualcosa che pensavi di non essere possibile, quando ci si rende conto di un sogno.



Ski Mountaineering in New Zealand with The North Face Athlete Emilio Previtali

Antipodes is a nice word, that bounces around in your mouth when you say it. An-ti-podes, I like it.
The first time I ever heard this word I was in elementary school. It took me some time to grasp the exact meaning of antipodes, when I was a kid.

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Then, after some time, I understood that antipodes means the opposite of something. The opposite of where I lived, for example. The opposite of seasons. The opposite side of the road you drive on, you drive on the left in the antipodes. The opposite of the cardinal points, at the antipodes it’s cold in the south and warm in the north.
The opposite has something to do with upside down things, and I always had a thing for doing things upside down, since I was a kid. And as a kid, I couldn’t stop thinking that when I was at the beach there must have been snow at the antipodes, and you could ski. I had this thought stuck in my mind. You must go there, I would tell myself. One day you must go there.


This summer I finally did. It was an amazing trip. A skimountaneering trip. A bit savage, with a discovery taste to it. It was two of us, Damiano Levati and myself. We had some products to test, some info from friends, a booklet on skimountaneering (useful to find road access to the best spots), and a map. We rented a campervan and we set off. Skimountaneering in New Zealand is a continuous adventure. It’s all about calibrating your energies, the time you spend in the backcountry and the difficulties of uphills and downhills you need to take. The routes are never obvious, the shapes of the mountains are always different and beautiful, with lovely coulouirs everywhere and great snow.

Ah, the snow. Snow is different in the antipodes: every time you set out, you better consider all types of conditions you have ever encountered in your skiing life. All together in one run. Snow varies a lot. Powdery and deep snow, firn, crusty snow, iced snow, wind- blown snow, sastrugi, pure ice. All of it. But it’s amazing. The mountains are wild. There’s almost no one around. Well.. that’s kind of obvious, in New Zealand there’s a person every 19 farm animals. In total there are 4,5 milion people and they mainly live in the big cities or in small towns. Is it worth going? Absolutely. Especially if you like random and adventurous skimountaneering, the kind of skimountaneering that doesn’t really care about mountain names, timings and downloading technical info from the net. A kind of skimountaneering that is difficult to find in the Alps anymore, or in the West in general. Make time for Mount Cook and Mount Aspiring. Don’t be hasty. Be self sufficient. Be in shape and ready. The antipodes are far away, but skiing there is definitely worth it.