The North Face – Hansjorg Auer in Marmolada (helmet airbrushed by Airbrushartstudio)

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Opening the upper part of the route during his first free ascent of the rock, The North Face® athlete Hansjörg Auer completed the climb in the PilastroDorsod’Elefantearea of Marmolada, Belluno, Italy, on August 21st 2011, in a time of 11.5 hours.

Hansjorg Auer - THE NORTH FACE

Auer Marmolada 2011

Fully supported by his brother Vitus Auer over the time spent to open the route, Hansjörg Auer honouredthe sibling achievement by naming the route ‘Bruderliebe’.


“I am so stoked. This is a dream line, one of my greatest achievements in climbing. And on my mountain: Marmolada!” exclaimed a jubilant Hansjörg Auer. “It was my brother Vitus, with whom I shared this moment and to whom I should speak out great thanks. As a synonym, the new line is named ‘Bruderliebe’.”

Hansjorg Auer - THE NORTH FACE

Opening a route on a mountain is just more as the final day, on which you will free the line. For sure this is the most important day, because all the effort, the invested time, the preparation and so on is coming to an end. Many things are coming together to this magical point, which you will feel on the summit during shaking hands with your friend. It was my brother Vitus, with whom I shared this moment and to whom I should speak out great thanks.

He was hanging on the belay for hours, during which I was battling my way up, looking for climbable features and placing protection. As a synonym, the new line is named „Bruderliebe“ and I am really happy, that I got the opportunity to carve 19 pitches along this nice piece of rock and to add coincidentally another page to the climbing history of Marmolada south face.

_ Name of the route: Bruderliebe

_ Area of the route: Pilastro Dorso d’Elefante, Marmolada South Face, Belluno, Italy.

_ 19 pitches, up to the grade 8b/8b+. Total vertical gain on rock: 800 meters

_ Protections: Camalots up to #3, pitons, bolts only where necessary

_ Character: Amazing line on slightly overhanging terrain on the lower part. The upper part is wild and alpine with some loose rock on the last pitches.

_ First ascent: August 21st 2011 in 11.5 hours

_ First ascensionist: Hansjoerg Auer with his brother Vitus Auer

_ Time spent to open the route: 8 days over e period of two months for the lower section. The upper part was opened during the first free ascent

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